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Meet the Team


Emma- CEO & Founder

Emma is the heart and soul behind Scrubditch Care Farm, where farming meets compassion. Since 2010, she's nurtured this haven for healing and hope, blending her love for the land with her dedication to helping others. Married for 32 years to her rock, Mike, and a proud mum of two, Emma's family fuels her passion for making a difference. With Patch the horse and Rufus the faithful dog by her side, Emma finds joy in gardening, riding, and the simple pleasures of life. As Chair of Governors at a local special needs school for a decade, she's been a champion for inclusivity and empowerment. Emma's journey is a testament to love, resilience, and the power of caring hearts.

Nicki W- SCF Manager

Introducing Nicki W, our dedicated Care Farm Manager who started her role in February 2024. With a management background focused on safeguarding and supporting vulnerable individuals, Nicki W brings valuable experience to her position.

Although Nicki W's favourite animals are dogs and horses, she has formed bonds with the chickens and goats at the farm too!

Outside of her farm duties, Nicki W has some interesting hobbies. She enjoys spontaneous kitchen discos, unwinds with yoga, and loves turning her car into a makeshift concert hall for heartfelt renditions of Bon Jovi and Whitney Houston classics. If you hear ‘Living on a Prayer’ mixed with clucks and baas, you'll know Nicki W is around, adding a touch of fun to farm life.


Janet- Supervisor

Janet, a seasoned professional in farming and community engagement, kickstarted her journey at Shuttleworth Agricultural College, earning her HND in General Agriculture. She then ventured to Denmark to refine her skills on a small pig and dairy farm, gaining invaluable experience in livestock management and farm operations. Back in the UK, Janet and her husband took on the rewarding challenge of managing a council tenanted farm. Her passion for community involvement led her to roles at the Cotswold Community and Coln House School, where she made a positive impact on the lives of youth. Outside of work, Janet finds solace and adventure in long-distance walks and indulges in her love for literature. She's also tried her hand at sailing, achieving competency in the Solent and participating in races. Currently, Janet finds fulfillment at Scrubditch Care Farm, blending her expertise in agriculture with her passion for helping others to create a nurturing environment for both land and people.


Nicki H- Supervisor

Nicki H is a bundle of energy and kindness, always ready to turn everyday moments into delightful adventures! She's a seasoned pro at hiking, camping, and exploring new horizons abroad, forever on the lookout for the next exciting journey. In her kitchen, Nicki's veggie garden becomes her secret ingredient, adding bursts of flavor to her culinary creations that could rival any top chef's. And let's not forget her lively household, where three dogs—led by the ever-enthusiastic Ruby the spaniel—keep things joyfully chaotic. Nicki's past life as a smallholder saw her caring for sheep, pigs, horses, and an array of feathered friends. But her nurturing spirit extends beyond animals; she's also fostered kids with complex needs, bringing joy and warmth into their lives. With a heart as big as her love for outdoor escapades and delicious meals, Nicki H is a shining example of living life to the fullest—with plenty of laughter and love along the way!


Jason- Student Support Worker

Meet Jason, aka DJ Jase, the energetic Student Support Worker at Scrubditch since January 2024. By day, he’s all about planning fun activities, caring for farm animals and boosting student confidence. Off-duty, you’ll find him hitting the gym, running or spinning country tunes as Scrubditch’s resident DJ. With eight years in SEN schools and four on a farm, DJ Jase’s passion for laughter and growth shines through in everything he does!


Jenny- Student Support Worker

Jenny started her career at SCF as a volunteer, and loved it so much that she became a student support worker 3 years later in 2023. It follows an early career as a coastal scientist, and 10 years bringing up her children. Her love of animals and being outside are perfect for the role, and she enjoys working with our students. She enthusiastically gets stuck in to all jobs, believing that getting filthy is part of the fun! When not at work Jenny is still generally outside with her family - camping in remote places, wild swimming, paddle boarding or dog walking. She is also a qualified Forest School Assistant. On the rare occasions she's not outdoors, she can be found curled up with a good book or attending aerial hoop classes.


Tom- Student Cookery 

Tom’s favourite thing about Scrubditch is definitely the students - through them he has learned so much about himself. Tom also loves SCF at Spring time – baby animals, longer evenings, and better weather! Away from the farm, Tom works in IT for a software company, a million miles from his SCF role! Hobbies include film, music, games and spending time with friends and family. Tom is also a keen cook, having been taught by his mother at a young age. He previously worked at a cookery school, where he learned a lot. Tom says that he has never had the temperament to be a chef, but is very passionate about teaching young people to cook and increase their confidence in the kitchen.

Annabel- Support Assistant

Prior to joining Scrubditch, Annabel had a 38-year career as a registered nurse, specialising in neurosurgery and intensive care. Now, on the farm, Annabel is relishing her entirely different role and the opportunity to connect with fantastic new people and remarkable students. She finds great joy in tending to the animals, even if it involves the unexpected mishap of ending up covered in mud with the pigs!

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Kate has worked as a bookkeeper / payroller since retraining when she turned 40, before which, she was a software documenter. Kate loves working at Scrubditch Care Farm as it is always such a positive experience. She has a keen interest in prehistory and Roman history. When not balancing the books, you'll find her exploring ancient ruins, enjoying quality time with her loyal (barky) canine companion or taking a dip in the local lake.


Garry- Maintenance & Repairs

Meet Garry, our resident wizard of fixing things at Scrubditch Care Farm! From tinkering with cars and lorries as an auto electrician to wrangling gas systems on Bristol's canal boats, there's no challenge he can't tackle. When he's not keeping an eye on the football and cricket scores, he's grooving to The Beatles at home, turning his house into a Fab Four museum! His favourite tune? 'In My Life' - which he hums while tackling maintenance tasks with finesse. But wait, there's more to Garry than just his musical prowess and handyman skills. Did you know he's also a cheese-making specialist? Yep, Garry can whip up a mean batch of cheddar that would make even the mice jealous! Off-duty, he’s a doting father to two sons, a stepdaughter, and three grandsons who keep him happily busy and entertained! Garry truly is a rockstar in both work and play, helping to make Scrubditch run like a well-oiled machine.



Animals and staff group photo

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